Unique Mothers Day Gifts - Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet

Published: 14th April 2011
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Brief Product Overview

Looking for something special to buy for your mom this coming Mother's day? One gift that you definitely want to consider is this Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet.

This is a pair of mother and daughter breakaway heart charms that is made from 925 sterling silver.

Each half heart charm hangs from a circular bead that features a floral design. The charms measure 12 mm x 32 mm and are able to fit 3 mm cable European charm bead bracelets.

The design of the charms is simple but beautiful.

Especially if you are a daughter, then this Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet will most certainly make a perfect gift for you to give your mom on Mother’s Day. Also, this particular gift is very affordably priced (it costs only $25.95 on Amazon.com at this time of writing).

Customers' Feedback About This Mother Daughter Bead Charms Compatible with European Bracelet

Of the customers who have bought and posted a review about this Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet, most of them are happy with their purchase, citing reasons that it comes exactly as what they see in the photograph, and it is something very lovely, yet at the same time not too big that it hangs awkwardly.

Also, they have also commented that the entire product came in an excellent condition when they arrived at their doorstep - And this is something that they were very satisfied about.

Some customers even highlighted that when they presented the gift to their mom, it brought tears of joy to their mothers' eyes!

Final Verdict

All in all, we find that this particular Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet a very sweet and unique present that you, as a daughter, will definitely want to consider getting for your mom this Mother's day.

One thing we would like to highlight before we conclude is that, if you do not like the bracelet that comes along with it, you can even get other charms and make a unique bracelet for your mom. She will definitely be delighted and touched to receive such a sweet gift.

You can even make 2 bracelets so that you and your mom can have matching bracelets. This will be a really great way to show your mom you love her and constantly think of her.

Furthermore, the bracelet will be special as it is designed and made by you, and is something that only your mom will have. That will certainly be a great gift for your mom on this special occasion.

Look no further, get this pair of Mother Daughter Charm Bracelet and make a unique and touching gift for your mom this Mother's Day.

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